JAKCOM CC2 Cube Smart Mini Camera

JAKCOM CC2 Cube Smart Mini Camera

WiFi Mini DV Recorder L22 Camera

WiFi Mini DV Recorder L22 Camera, Full HD 1080P Support Monitor Detection & Night Vision & TF Card

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Product general features

1. Mobile phone remote, real-time monitoring, after the camera is connected to WiFi, APP can remotely monitor, no matter how far away, you can watch in real time.

2. 1080P HD resolution, using high-definition lens, the picture color is true.

3. Optical glass head, the picture is bright and clear, and do not miss a small detail.

4. Wide-angle lens, the field of vision is wider, the monitoring touches every corner, do not worry about the "blind zone" of the monitoring field of vision.

5. Motion detection alarm, automatic detection alarm 24 hours guard, automatically capture the camera, real-time reminder of mobile phone.

6. The hotspot WiFi password and remote account password can be set with complex passwords for greater security.

7. High-definition night vision, no light during the day and night, no light and silent work, no flash light infrared self-starting, automatically switch night vision mode when the light is insufficient

8. Supports the function of inserting a card, which can be realized without opening a computer. 24-hour video storage can support 4-128G TF memory card.

9. Small size and easy installation.

10. Applicable scenarios: family, shops, offices, etc.

11. Resolution: 1920x1080P.

12. Wide-angle lens: 140 degrees.

13. Battery capacity: 500mAh.

14. Life time: 90 minutes.

15. Number of infrared lamp beads: 8pcs.

16. Night vision distance: 5m.

17. Product size: 4.2x4.2x2.3cm.

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