Delivery and Packing

Safety and Accuracy First…

Your order matter to us. We take every possible precautionary measure while packing and delivering booked products safely and accurately to the right address. The errors by our clients in filling the address box and contact numbers are the sole responsibility of our clients. We are sure that you will double-check the above-mentioned criteria before signing off. By visiting our site, you agree following terms and conditions regarding delivery and packing.

Address and contact number:

Please, fill the address box accurately and if possible, mention the nearest landmark near your given address. That landmark can be a bank, market or some kind of Temple. In the case of a wrongly filled-in address or contact number, we will not be responsible if the product does not reach in time, or at the right address. In the case of the wrong address or contact number, we are not liable to re-send the item.


In the case of the unavailability of a product, we will contact you to extend the date of delivery.

We know you are responsible citizens. If the delivery does not arrive in contact you shall contact us. We will lodge an inquiry with the courier and make sure the product must be delivered as soon as possible. 

Sometimes, uncontrollable factors can cause a delay in delivery. These uncontrollable factors include weather, political conditions, strikes or any other natural disaster, and lockdowns etc. Please, allow a little delay in such circumstances. We will do our best to ensure on-time delivery.

In case of loss of the item during transit, items will not be dispatched immediately. Replacement is our discretion in such cases. 



We pack your ordered product with utmost care and in good safety boxes. Our packing boxes also have inscriptions on how to handle the box and fragile signs. This is a fact that your product may travel hundreds of miles to reach you. In that case, these products may go several time loadings and unloading process. This involves the risk of damage to your product.

We hope you understand well that our company shall not bear the risk of damage owing to the mishandling of the product during the transit or by the courier. Anyhow, if you feel that the product is not mishandled by the courier and is damaged during the packing process, please, feel free to contact us. 

We hope you will examine the packing box before opening it. The box tells the inner story. If you find the box is opened, unsealed or damaged, feel free to contact us. We will probe into the matter with sincerity and will see what and how to compensate for your loss if it deems fit to us.

If you need to return the product please, see our return policy before returning the product. You may find the accurate section in our return policy and find the process or a checklist before claiming your return or refund.

We are committed to you and will do every possible favor in our authority and within the laws.

Thank you so much for visiting us. We hope you will enjoy your buying with us.